In 10 years, M&M Core has grown from being your local core buyer to becoming the leading core buyer in the tri-state area.  M&M now buys from the very people to whom we used to sell and have become an “end-user” for catalytic converters.  With a willingness to travel the extra mile and the knowledge and ability to purchase a diverse inventory of product, we do everything possible to be able to pay the best price for your materials.

Becoming a leader involves more than just buying ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  With the goal of reaching out to new customers in mind, we have diversified what it is that we do, we have become more than just a scrapyard.  includes:


Purchase and process rebuildable core automotive parts that are recycled and put back into the market as affordable replacement car parts.


Buy and sell used auto parts.


Buy and recycle used automobiles


Recycle point for lead/acid batteries